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Zoom H4n PRO 4-Channel Handy Recorder with Video Microphone Conversion Bundle Including Camera Shock-Mount & Recorder to Cam

This Value Bundle Includes: Bundle Item#1: Zoom H4n Pro 4-Channel Handy Recorder A portable recording device and a 2-channel USB interface in one palm-sized unit, the H4n Pro Handy Recorder from Zoom features a stereo X/Y microphone capable of handling 140 dB SPL, as well as two low-noise preamps with locking combination XLR / 1/4″ inputs, multiple recording modes, on-board effects, a built-in metronome, a chromatic tuner, and more. As such, it’s suitable not only for film-audio capture, podcasting, and field interviews, but for the creation and editing of multitracked audio in conjunction with DAWs. Highlights
: Adjustable Stereo X/Y Microphone
: Can Record 4 Tracks Simultaneously
: 2 x XLR / 1/4″ Combination Input Jacks
: 28 & 48V Phantom Power Bundle Item#2: Movo Shock Mount to Mount Your Recorder on Camera Shoe The Movo microphone and recorder shock mount features a four-point suspension system to minimize the impact that handling noise can have on a recording. Highlights
: Attaches recorder to camera shoe
: Minimizes the impact that handling noise can have on a recording
: Discreet, low-profile design Bundle Item#3: Movo Line-in to Microphone Attenuator Cable The Movo MV-RC100 is designed to allow you to connect a device with a female line-in jack (like a microphone, recorder, erc) to your standard DSLR mic input. Highlights
: Attenuates Recorder Output to Mic Level
: -35dB Signal Attenuation
: Shielded to Reduce RFI Noise Gold-Plated Connectors

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