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Sevenoak SK-JA20 7-Foot Carbon Fiber Jib / Crane (with 360° Panning Base – Load Capacity 11 lb (5kg))

Video demo courtesy of JRESHOW The SK-JA20 7-Foot Carbon Fiber Jib from Sevenoak is a light-weight, tripod mounted camera crane system designed to allow you to smoothly boom your camera up, down an move it through an infinite number of 360 degree arcs. When balanced properly the SK-JA20 enables you to move your camera precisely and fluidly and get that marvelous picture or short film. It’s perfect for wedding videographers, documentary producers, music video productions or for anyone who has the need for a jib arm. Capable of reaching a maximum length of 7 feet (84″) it can easily be telescoped down to 3.8 feet (45″) for easy portability or storage, without requiring any disassembly. Simply slip it into the included, padded carrying bag and go. The strong, carbon fiber construction keeps the overall weight down – allowing this 7′ jib / crane to weigh a feather-light 5 lbs. At the same time, it can support a heavy load capacity of up to 11 lbs, allowing you to mount your most serious DSLR or video camera rig directly to the center-mounted camera platform. The incorporated 3/8″ and 1/4″ tripod screws makes any camera attachment easy and secure. Gain fluid 360 degree panning through the carefully balanced weight system. The sliding weight bar allows you to fine-tune the counter-balance necessary to offset your camera rig, and ensure all your shots track smoothly with a minimum of effort. Specifications: Net weight: 2.30kg Max load capacity: 5kg Max working radius: 1.12m Min working radius: 0.49m Max working size: 2.2m (7.2′) x 0.06m (2′) x 0.29m (1′) Min working size: 1.17m (3.83′) x 0.06m (2′) x 0.29m (1′) Features

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