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Movo Photo SB16 Universal Mini Softbox Flash Diffuser with 6 Color Gel Kit for External Flashes (Size: 9cm X 12cm)

The Movo Photo SB16 Universal Mini Softbox Flash Diffuser spreads and diffuses the light from an on-camera flash in the direct flash position. It’s lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to attach–ideal for any fast-moving shooting situations. It attaches to most on-camera shoe-mount flashes using the included touch-tab fasteners. In addition, the SB16 will also accept gel filters, and includes an assortment of six colored gels: blue, green, yellow, red, orange and purple. This allows the photographer to quickly and conveniently colorize the light output for a variety of special effect applications. MOVO 1 year Warranty: This product is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Our friendly and responsive USA-based customer service team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns. Features: Includes 6 color gels which allows you to color the light output of the flash unit Universal – fits most external flash units Softens and diffuses flash light, producing soft, even illumination Reduces harsh shadows and hot spots Folds flat for easy storage

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