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Movo Photo Neutral/Gold/Green Flash Diffuser Set for the Nikon SB-900 & SB-910 Speedlight Flashes

The Movo Photo Flash Diffuser Set for the dedicated specifically for your flash and gives you three versatile flash diffusers that offer enough performance to cover your most common needs. Use for corrective flash, fill flash and special lighting effects. Easy-to-use and compact flash control, optimized to deliver professional performance. Three separate flash diffusers, each specialized for a range of purposes. Use the white flash diffuser to soften & diffuse light and reduce shadows; the gold flash diffuser provides an appealing warmth to skin tones and can be used to recreate certain lighting effects; the green flash diffuser corrects for fluorescent lighting and can also be used for effects. With these three tools you have everything you need to recreate expensive lighting effects and bring a professional touch to your pictures. MOVO 1 year Warranty: This product is backed by a 1 year manufacturer warranty. Our friendly and responsive USA-based customer service team is ready to help you with any questions or concerns.

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