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Movo MPH-01 Magnetic Smartphone Swivel Car Mount with Universal Attachment to Dashboards, Windshields or other Flat Surfaces (2

Secure and Convenient: The Movo MPH-01 used the power of magnets to securely attach you smartphone or mini-tablet to any flat surface – your card dashboard, windshield, or even your kitchen wall! Simply and easily grips your mobile device, holding it in whatever position is most convenient for you. No more phones slipping out of your lap or sliding into the crack in between seats! Place it where you want it, and concentrate on driving. Attaches Anywhere – Comes Off Clean: The MPH-01 attaches to any flat surface – not just in cars! Mount it to the wall, your desk, or even the ceiling! Mount your mini-tablet to the kitchen wall while you wash dishes, or use it to keep your smartphone on display while you work. Even better, the high-quality 3M adhesive mount comes off as cleanly as it goes on. No sticky residue or nasty gunk is left behind – even after prolonged use or in high-heat environments. Superior Magnetic Grip: The MPH-01 couples a highly-engineered magnet base with a broad-body design to ensure a superior magnetic grip. The result is that a single magnetic disc is cable of firmly holding your smartphone or tablet in place, even while off-roading or taking on uneven dirt roads. The magnet is strong enough that it can even be placed on the INSIDE of the cell phone case, or behind the battery plate, and still form a solid, strong connection. Achieve a superior magnetic grip without spoiling the clean lines of your phone! How to Attach: 1) Adhere the metallic disc to the back of your phone, phone case, or behind the battery plate. 2) Attach the phone holder to any suitable surface. 3) Place the phone over the mounted phone holder. That’s it – your device will stay firmly attached. PLEASE NOTE: While this magnetic cell phone mount will not harm your phone, make

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